Lair Defense: Shrine


Protect the world of the dragons



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Lair Defense: Shrine is an action and strategy game where your objective will be to defend the dragon's kingdom from the attack of the greedy and evil humans who want to steal the dragon's eggs.

To do this you will need to use different types of dragons (fire, poison and ice), and the correct combination will result in very elaborate strategies that will help you stop the incessant harassment of the human army. These also have different units: from soldiers on foot, to powerful magicians and priests, all who will try to come to an agreement to attack your base.

The game's graphics, while not something out of this world, deliver their purpose perfectly. From an aerial perspective you can see most of the map, with your dragons destroying everything and the humans trying to come closer to your base.

Lair Defense: Shrine is a very entertaining game, that besides having a very addictive mechanic and being able to be played for hours, it is absolutely free. A very good game to spend the time.
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